Easy Guide to Property Rental Guarantee

Easy Guide to Property Rental Guarantee

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what exactly is the meaning of Rental Guarantee?

In Thailand, Property Rental Guarantee is a Promotion deal when you buy a property that comes with rental agreement between a property developer/owner and an investor/buyer. This contract agrees on a percentage of rental income, usually between 6% per annum given to the investor for a set term.

Most property investors are purchasing a development unit that they know will earn them a fixed income for the foreseeable future, this is obviously an attractive deal and that is why so many investors grab this kind of opportunity with us.

This program is popular This is why rental guarantees are so attractive and potentially lucrative in Thailand, no headache and no fuss easy way of making money.

The following are some terms that are common in Thai Rental Guarantee Programs:

  • A fixed rental income of between 6% annually to the Investor.
  • fully furnish your property.
  • Maximum personal usage of 14 days per year.
  • Monthly income for 4 Years

Below are terms and things to consider when looking at a Rental Guarantee Contract in Thailand:

Property Location – Make sure the location is central and profitable

Income percentage –.

Furniture packages includes 

Maximum personal usage offers 

How long is the Guarantee? –  

Look for property that is already built –

Find a Strong and stable Property developer who offer this promotion to guarantee your income to earn passive income

Ownership and management – In Thailand, our rental guarantees Program as a Developer will generally take care of everything such as finances and tenant management include transferring investment to your bank account.

At helitonrealestate, we make it simple and easy for our customers to earn passive income from their investments. Trusted and experienced with a wealth of knowledge in the real estate sector in Thailand and well over a decade of experience.

We have the staff & infrastructure in place to take care of your investment with careful property management, allowing you to enjoy your return which can be paid to you each month or yearly as stated in the rental guarantee agreement. and can last anywhere between 4 – 3 years. We assist our clients and make sure that all properties we handle are registered and license approved and all documents are in order before a transaction is finalized fast and on time.

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